Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Corporate social responsibility is the voluntary means of a company to contribute to achieving sustainable development. 

Servier Middle East aims to protect the environment and create economic, social and therapeutic value, taking into account the expectations of patients and other stakeholders.

CSR at Servier is a shared and meaningful project fully integrated into our corporate strategy through our vision to contribute to providing quality healthcare to all. Indeed, we fulfill this responsibility not only toward the 100 million patients who are treated daily with our medicinal products, but also toward our 22,500 employees, our partners and stakeholders, and the environment.


Based on a materiality assessment conducted in 2016 and on ISO 26000, Servier’s Global CSR policy addresses topics as vast as product safety and quality, the conduct of clinical trials, access to therapeutic treatments, quality of life at work and the environmental impact of our production facilities. Combined with the Group’s long-term vision and strong values, which include ‘Care’, our CSR policy pushes us to perform and creates value for all in-house and external stakeholders.

Servier Middle East CSR committee consistently supports all employees in the implementation of the CSR policy across the GCC countries. It steers local performance in terms of social responsibility and measures progress toward achieving goals.

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